[Current music: Rush - Counterparts, Different Stage/Live]

My love scolded me for my for my lack of updates. What good is a journal if you don't write in it? Um, well, um... Indeed!

It's sometime after midnight, and my thoughts are a bit scrambled. I spend Christmas and New Year's in Hawaii. I had an amazing time. I'm still organizing my impressions ...

"She said sure, my heart is boundless, but don't push my limits too far"
"If love is to transcendent, I don't understand these boundaries"
"Just don't disappoint me, you know how complex woman are ..."
"If love has these conditions, I don't understand those songs you love"
"This is not a love song, this isn't fantasyland"
Cold Fire - Rush

I like Rush a lot, can you tell? First concert I ever went to was Rush (the Grace Under Pressure tour) at the Capital Center in Washington D.C. I was a drummer (still am, but my drums are in the air, the desk, any ready surface), and Neil Peart was (is!) my idol. All my drummer friends wanted to play like him (hah! fat chance). That was the last Rush concert where I sat facing the stage. From then on, I would move to the side or the back where I could watch him play. Yeah, Alex and Geddy were cool, and fun to watch,  but I would sit and stare in awe as Neil displayed his cool machine-like mastery. Oh, he was damn good. "Fuck, no way, holy shit, you got to be kidding me, how the ..." That about sums up my spectating comments. A few other guys would be there, just staring at the spectacle. Every once and awhile we would look at each other and smile our enjoyment, never saying a word. The ultimate was when Neil unveiled his latest solo. When he launched it, I would hear "yeah! go! go! go!" come screaming for my lips. I would try in vain to watch his movements, hoping to replicate them at home to the amazement of my friends, but his hands would start to blur, and that was the end of lesson. The other enticing fact was that Neil had quite an amazing setup. I had 5 drums and a hi-hat. Neil had too many drums too count, let alone all the percussion instruments (bells, blocks, chimes, cymbals, etc.). I believe he added an electronic drum set on the Grace Under Pressure tour, which was behind him, so he was totally surrounded. The platform would spin to place whatever drum set he was using facing the audience. It was just so damn cool. At the end of the night, I would leave the arena shaking my head, and wondering when the next album would be out. Because that meant they would be on tour again.