Why is it I'm always most inspired after midnight? I made a statement that I wouldn't start a journal because my life isn't that interesting. I suppose I start it now more in the interest of documenting memories and experiences. The difference between this and the rambles isn't clear, but what the heck.

The memory that inspired this journal creation:
I'm young (Martin Ct., Bolling AFB, Washington DC) and walking down the hallway from the kitchen. I spy a blanket piled in convenient kicking lump (I've been playing soccer since the 1st grade) and immediately start to run, imagining my amazing kick sending the blanket up to the ceiling. Instead I discover that the blanket is covering my brother's Tonka toy parking garage (big, heavy, plastic). The discovery comes after I stop screaming and crying I'm surprised to find that I didn't break my foot. It still surprises me today.

There was the other day. I caught glimpse of her and lost my breath. Maybe it showed. I shook my head and threw away those thoughts. There are times I think that she will cause me to crash and burn. I closed my eyes and breathed...