7/31/99   [Current music: Rush - Different Stages]

Well, it's been awhile. I'll probably be writing that quite a bit.

So, what's been going on? I've ordered a new car, a new computer, been to San Diego twice and found out that my boss is leaving. Other random notes:

I usually go down to San Diego to hook up with my Dad when he's in the States. My parent's current address is in Okinawa, Japan. We've played a lot of golf and I've had a wonderful time on the course. The first time I played horribly, but last weekend was much better. It turns out my left hand grip was wrong. Anyway, we play on either Admiral Baker or over on North Island. My favorite is North Island because: several holes run along the ocean, it's at the end of the runway and I can check out the airplanes, and there's a ton of wildlife around. There's a par 3 that has Burrowing Owls in a sand trap. There are two parents and three kids. I wound up in that sand trap once and owl dad checked me very closely, swiveling his head as I walked around. They're so neat! There's also prairie dogs of some sort that are *very* aggressive. They'll raid your cart when you're not around and haul out any edibles. One time I saw one intently licking a snicker's wrapper. Now I just buy a bag of peanuts and feed them. Once they came between my feet when I was sitting on the bench. Now that's aggressive. Other wildlife I've seen: herons, jack rabbits and a hawk. The hole after the par 3 with the owls, you walk up a little hill and check out Dog Beach and watch many happy dogs frolicking. They always seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. By the way, I'm no animal expert; these are just my impressions. The other great part of this course is the airplanes flying in and out. I grew up a military brat so it reminds me of those times. I've always been fascinated with military planes, so I get a great kick at seeing them so close and hearing the screaming of the engines. It's probably a guy thing.

A couple of weeks ago I went on a hike with my love. We encountered swarms of ladybugs, which was a new thing for me. As we walked through them, they would land on us briefly, crawl around, and then take flight again. Pretty cool. The path meandered through redwoods and bordered a stream that the park was 'rehabilitating' for salmon. We actually saw a pretty big fish, so it must be working.

One morning my love urged me to join her outside to read the paper while we drank our coffee. She told me I would enjoy it. I usually just sit on the couch and watch TV while I 'defrost.' I mumbled my disapproval but finally agreed. She was right. There was a pleasant breeze and our patio was shaded. A bird landed by us and happily chirped as it pecked for food, and the hummingbirds (my love calls them 'hummingpigs') dodged in and out. I've set up a feeder in front of the house and another by the patio, so hummingbirds are usually around.