eyes glance and capture
the heart beats
a system wide rush
come closer, my love
exhale trapped forgotten breath
i'm carried by the mood

slow dancing and swivel
tuck in the shirt
and slick back the hair
por todo mí corazon
presentation of a inspired grace

there's a wish to appear grand
like a spanish conquistador
stepping on a distant shore
these images beating
on my furrowed brow
lips that tremble
anxious of the pending performance
words that sail and circle
grasping for calm moment
in my chaotic thoughts

infatuation burns
like a new hit song
brazened on your smooth waters
an incessant wish to impress
a spreading desire to undress
lips and legs and she comes
holding and returning the intense stare
see the way she walks
follow the pace as i stalk
i've seemed to have lost my wings
and become mortal
long enough to satisfy this pulsing need
to forger her name in the evening sky