and maybe it's the way she calls me sweety
transporting me to thos misty shores
where i hear the fog horn calling
and the sea asks me

will you be coming in?

she asks me how she tastes

i tried to spell her name
in the traces of foam
left by retreating waves

her voice is never the same

it's never the same

is it ?

the breeze flows across my wet skin
squeezing and pushing
urging me to the flow -
remnants of her touch

and she asks me
in the dimness of the night
will you worship my body
and hand over the key to your soul

sunlight breaks and covers my shoulders
but still there's a loneliness that darkens

the ocean teaches me forgotten incantations

i'll show you the way up and out

tell me you still want me
am i still a mystery
can you peer into my depths

and soon the moon reflects in between ripples
somehow this simple magic can easy my load
silver glow to come and illuminate me
i glitter and radiate
with these newfound secrets

to forge a ring of these moments
to place upon your finger slender
to trace the smile on your lips
and to smell my daydreams in your hair