i remember when we first met
hazel eyes that burned with intelligence, desire,
and a touch of delicious danger
there's a monster in my garden

your presence resonated across a smoke filled room
at yet another annoying party
you walked over to me with an amused smile
never saying a word
slowly you reached out and traced a finger
delicately on my frozen face
shivers of delight pulsed through my tensed body
the sound of the shotgun slap fascinated me
even as my reddening face warped your amused smile
you turned and walked away
still never saying a word

i asked my friends about you
they all shivered and covered their eyes
and were quick with emphatic warnings
her sharp and prickly vibes
had pierced their creamy delicate skin
they ran their fingers through their groomed hair
as they told me you claimed to be poe's brood
come for a feeding tour of this wonderfully innocent town
and that incessant grin was enough to cut through chains

just come softly to me
with lies, buttery and sweet,
my lips, glowing from
your passionate heat ...

the next time we met
you sat down beside me
and asked if i dreamed about the shotgun slap
in the privacy of my own room
you asked how i felt about
cold pizza and dead flowers
and did you threaten my masculinity?
then you whispered in my ear
how'd you love to take me apart
at the seams and make slow love to me
piece by piece
i was appalled and frightened
but i couldn't take my eyes from your hands
as they snatched and twisted ...

and you left me wondering in the middle of the night
how sweet and delicious the pain would be