in a land of everlasting snow
(ice cream cones that await)
depraved sculptures composed of black and white tvs
screens painted with the smoke of an angry gun
hulk here and there

i caught glimpse of an angel
peering at me from a nearby rise
beware, oh enemy of mine
i am aware and my eyes are situated
(she came from far away and she said she'd go all the way)

so ...

treason to my innocence and treason to all good reason
suicide in solitary is in progress though it seems quite tame
these sculpture ease the pain somehow
there's no one to laugh or to be so dreary
i - fantasize - and crave a superhero that understands
the child inside is frightened of the mysterious tomorrow
peering through wide open eyes from under the covers
i thought i saw the coming of curious hungry demons
heard the rasping of files to sharpen their rending claws
their laughter to frighten, always to frighten
do you think they'll find my taste appealing?
do you think that anyone will find my bones?
(she giggled and said "oh death we shall defy")

i fiddled with dials and antennas
and imagined the static filled screens
to be wonderful soothing imagery
not to be!
anger turned to panic turned to melancholy
and eased into twisted inspiration
listened for coincidence
and sensed the coming of the endless days
(she glowed and and whispered "you don't belong")

i stripped off my clothes, shed my inhibition
and screamed at the oppressing grey sky
"make up your fucking mind!"
with the smoke of an angry gun
i painted surrealistic landscapes
where i'd like to spend my life away
i stared down the barrel and inquired
"are you the golden key?"
(she hissed "blasphemy" and held her breath)

the voices inside of my head
i'd like to see their faces once
i really would

i've no more tvs
and my anger frightens no one
not even an alarmed look
besides, the color is all fucking wrong
(i watched her spread her wings and blow me a kiss goodbye
then bow her head and melt into the day)
i've a bad attitude i suppose
i laughed and danced a little jig
then bowed to my sculptures
my critics the snow and the grey sky
i paused
is there something i've forgotten to say?
is there some reason i need to stay?
i shrugged
and quickly turned the key