"Night swimming, deserves a quiet night"

I'm listening to REM, so I figure I'll just let the thoughts flow for now. I feel like writing, but nothing factual, and nothing poetic. I'll just send these words into a local orbit.

i heard you speak under my breath
maybe you're the reason i clench my teeth
and maybe the nonsense that lies untold
is my excuse of gold
did you tell them how you destroyed the boy
who pretended to be a man
did they gather as you told the story sweet
did they all laugh at the punch line
did you count the empty bottles
as you wondered at my breath
did you count the twisted dreams
as you dipped your fingers in my grief
when the mind games of your sex failed
you whispered but what of the boy
he still loves you and asks for you
just hold your poisoned tongue
just still your hissing breath
take care and may the forgiving Lord
be kind to you

yeah yeah yeah, there's something, something, something
then came the numbness, then came the grayness
ignore them, or just fuck them
my eyes are bleeding in the early am
someone has to take the blame
and i'm feeling much better
after desecrating the memory of you

All these forgotten feelings rise to the surface after a TV show. What the fuck. I thought they were long gone, but it turns out they were only buried in the shallows.

"it's action, reaction, random interaction"

So, anyway, about "Night Swimming." I've never done it, but I've always wanted to. To float on my back and stare at the moon, humming some random tune, and thinking those deep thoughts. It's a great song, and reminds me of those things that sound wonderful but I haven't done.