I haven't written in quite a while, sorry? Too busy with stuff, with Viggo and Frostyland, to busy designing. Something's missing though. I like it, but I'm waiting for the ignition. Wait ...

I decided to listen to The Church, I haven't listened to them in quite a while. I'm tired yet awake, and I've something of a mood. So The Church it is. A friend (well, I haven't know her for that long, but friend sounds nice) turned me on to her site. It's a personal journal of sorts, but anyone can flip through it. Quite brave. I don't think I intend to turn this site into a journal - for one I don't think I have that interesting of a life. Oh, but you should see the things in my mind ...

So this brings up a question: if you show someone your personal site, do you then withhold your opinions and subdue your emotions of said person? It's already hard enough to be honest, but to let another person read your thoughts ... Something is bound to slip. What would be the reaction?

It was Phil's last day today. We've worked together for almost two years, and have been located next to each other despite a move. He was the only one at work that I could chat sports with. We actually listened to ballgames on the radio at work when the Giants were chasing the playoffs. Phil is very nice, much nicer than I could ever be. He often said he envied my ability to be a bastard, but I envied his affability. Everyone liked him. Sometimes I wished everyone liked me. But then I wouldn't be a bastard. People sometimes tell me "but you're so nice." They don't know me. Ask Wegis, he'll tell you the uncomfortable truth. But I like Wegis, so I exert an effort to present my best side to him. But I'm sure I've slipped and dropped the charade a time or two.

So we took Phil to lunch at a brewery. I am socially impelled to get him drunk, but they have no hard alcohol. Eric suggests a shot of a nice Cabernet. Said shot procedure would be thus: Slam! Gently pick shot glass up and hold to light and swirl to observe the color, continue swirling and bring shot glass to nose and inhale the bouquet, trying your best to distinguish the subtleties, rapidly bring shot glass to lips and sip gently so not to overload your palate, swirl the wine around your tongue and savior the complex body. Puck your lips and guzzle the rest. Slam the glass down upon completion of guzzling. I settled on an apéritif.

I bid farewell to a fiend today. But now there's Mia and Gladi. Pretty cool, pretty artsy, and well ... Mia covets my office and wondered out loud when I would be leaving. It was a good laugh. I need more of those. Gladi is an artist and kicks my ass in talent. She honored me with a glimpse of some of her drawings. I could tell from her technique. Damn good. I'm jealous.

And they're (Mia and Gladi) pretty geeky. I wear shirts that declare I'm a geek, but they are really geeks. I'm a wannabe or maybe an ex. I left my programming days behind. Still, they are kindred spirits. I think there was a twinkle in my eye when I realized this (hope?). Someone to talk about poetry, art, life and the world we live in. But what about sports? I find myself wanting to be nice. Well, at least for the moment. Righteous rat bastard I am.