I'm sitting here, as Tom Waits continually impresses me with his talents. How can one man be so talented? I'm jealous. Yes, I know he's been around for quite awhile, but I've only recently appreciated this man. There's a delicious shudder that runs through me at this revelation. Here's a great moment in life, discovering genius and realizing it tastes good. Better than good. You might not agree and I'm so sorry that you can't share my moment of delight.

(a gravelly voice rasps in my earphones - "... but the ocean doesn't want me today ..")

It's a strange weather day: rain, snow in the hills, gale winds, and bursts of hail. (It's La Nina, man) Jealousy of Mr. Waits and the nature's turbulence slowly seep in to me. I feel my own storm brewing. I wonder who or what my target will be. Heh.